MISCO is a leader in developing and providing high-performance audio amplifiers for OEM applications. With innovative designs, MISCO has developed effective DSP solutions in single and multi-channel applications.

With over 30 years of digital audio excellence, you count on MISCO to create amplifiers that incorporate top digital technology along with a useful feature set.  MISCO Digital Amplifiers are compact class-D amplifiers engineered for  a wide variety speaker configurations. An obvious benefit of the small size design is that they fit almost anywhere. In addition, they offer an unprecedented feature set.

Features vary by model and they may include: Digital (S/PDIF) and analog inputs, enabling direct connection from digital and analog low and high level (speaker) outputs. DSP is available in some models, which provide numerous functions with user-controlled features including fourth order crossover functionality. Other MISCO amplifiers not only include two channel speaker outputs but some also incorporate a speaker level subwoofer output.

Manufactured in Minnesota, MISCO's goal is to provide you with a top-rung product built in the USA. MISCO Amps are available in a variety of configurations, with select power supply and upgrade options. Or, request a custom solution that best suits your audio needs.

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