Bi-Amped, 2.2.1 Channel, 175W, PCB Style Amplifier with DSP

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MISCO Amplifiers
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The 93108 is a high flexibility amplifier configured for bi-amped sound systems. This design allows midrange channels and tweeter channels to each have their own amplifier settings for complete customization. Add an expansion port for two more amplified channels. This amplifier supports Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, and Bessel filter types, and accepts a power supply input range of 9 to 24VDC, allowing for existing power rails or an external MISCO power supply sold separately. Each stereo pair has level offset and phase control to maintain high quality listening in your sound projects.

Key Features:

  • 2.2.1 channel, class-D
  • 175 watt, PCB style
  • Customizable bi-amp DSP configuration
  • High flexibility for different outputs, inputs
  • Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, and Bessel filter types

*Power output varies with supply voltage and speaker impedance. See specs table for details.

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More Information
Brand Name MISCO Amplifiers
Model # MA-4101
Application Arcade Gaming, Casino Gaming
RoHS Compliant Yes
Amplifier Style Printed Circuit Board
Amplifier Channels 2.2.1
Watts Per Channel (W) 11 - 26
Watts Per Channel (HF/LF) (W) 10 x 2 / 50 x 2 / 50
Digital Signal Processing Yes
Audio Input USB, S/PDIF, analog
Amplifier Class Type Class D
4 Ohm Power (HF/MF/LF) (W) 14 / 14 / n/a
8 Ohm Power (HF/MF/LF) (W) 9 / 9 / 34
Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise,THD+N (% @Power, @Load, @Supply Voltage) HF: 0.14% @5.86Watts@8Ohms@24VDC MF: 0.2% @23Watts@8Ohms@24VDC LF: 0.2% @23Watts@8Ohms@24VDC
Frequency Response (HF/MF/LF) (+/-1db @ 1W) (Hz) 400 - 18,000 / 22 - 9,000 / 22 - 18,000
Analog Input Sensitivity (VRMS) 3
Connectors / Termination - Line Input 8-Pin MFJ 1x RCA (digital) USB
Connectors / Termination - Speaker Output 16-pin MFJ
General Overview 4CH amplifier with USB, S/PDIF and analog inputs. Amp can be used as bi-amp stereo or a 2.1 amplifier. Flexible DSP allows custom system tuning.
Equalizers - EQs 10-band EQ on each output
Crossovers Yes, low pass, high pass, all pass.
Optional Plugin Effects Time alignment delay
Cooling Convection/Air
Recommended Voltage (VDC) 24
Recommended Current (A) 3.75
Recommended Power (W) 90