Bi-Amped, 2.2.1 Channel, 175W, PCB Style Amplifier with DSP

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MISCO Amplifiers
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The 93108 is a high flexibility amplifier configured for bi-amped sound systems. This design allows mid-range channels and tweeter channels to each have their own amplifier settings for complete customization. Add an expansion port for two more amplified channels. This amplifier supports Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, and Bessel filter types. Each stereo pair has level offset and phase control to maintain high quality listening in your sound projects.

Key Features:

  • 2.2.1 channel, class-D
  • 175 watt, PCB style
  • Customizable bi-amp DSP configuration
  • High flexibility for different outputs, inputs
  • Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, and Bessel filter types

*Power output varies with supply voltage and speaker impedance. See specs table for details.

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More Information
Brand Name MISCO Amplifiers
Model # MA-4101
Application Drive-Thru / Kiosk
RoHS Compliant Yes
Amplifier Style Printed Circuit Board
Amplifier Channels 2.2.1
Watts Per Channel (W) 11 - 26
Watts Per Channel (HF/LF) (W) 10 x 2 / 50 x 2 / 50
Digital Signal Processing Yes
Audio Input USB, S/PDIF, analog
Amplifier Class Type Class D
4 Ohm Power (HF/MF/LF) (W) 14 / 14 / n/a
8 Ohm Power (HF/MF/LF) (W) 9 / 9 / 34
Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise,THD+N (% @Power, @Load, @Supply Voltage) HF: 0.14% @5.86Watts@8Ohms@24VDC MF: 0.2% @23Watts@8Ohms@24VDC LF: 0.2% @23Watts@8Ohms@24VDC
Frequency Response (HF/MF/LF) (+/-1db @ 1W) (Hz) 400 - 18,000 / 22 - 9,000 / 22 - 18,000
Analog Input Sensitivity (VRMS) 3
Connectors / Termination - Line Input 8-Pin MFJ 1x RCA (digital) USB
Connectors / Termination - Speaker Output 16-pin MFJ
General Overview 4CH amplifier with USB, S/PDIF and analog inputs. Amp can be used as bi-amp stereo or a 2.1 amplifier. Flexible DSP allows custom system tuning.
Equalizers - EQs 10-band EQ on each output
Crossovers Yes, low pass, high pass, all pass.
Optional Plugin Effects Time alignment delay
Cooling Convection/Air
Recommended Voltage (VDC) 24
Recommended Current (A) 3.75
Recommended Power (W) 90