Outdoor / Waterproof

Speaker systems can work for years, even decades, if left untouched indoors. But bringing it outdoors exposes it to harsher environments with wind, rain, UV rays, and changing temperatures—all of which can cause serious wear and tear on cones, metal baskets, and wire connections. That’s why MISCO has you covered.

MISCO matches durability with sound quality when we design our outdoor and waterproof speakers. We use many methods to make our products weather-resistant, such as:

  • Using already environmental-resistant parts like polypropylene cones and Santoprene surrounds
  • Applying protective layer treatments during the building process against moisture, rust, and UV damage
  • Running temperature and humidity tests in our in-house environmental testing chamber

The results are speakers built to outlast the toughest conditions all around the world. Come rain or come shine, you can give yourself the assurance that the speakers in your sound system will work for years to come.

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