4 Inch Enclosed Subwoofer with 2.1 Channel Class-D Amplifier

Brand Name
Turnkey Systems
Part #
Built to Order

The BJ21-05 is the hassle-free, enclosed, powered subwoofer you have been searching for. This model includes a 4” driver, powered by a 2.1 channel, class-D plate amplifier, and fit into a ported, MDF enclosure. The BJ21-05 includes attached vibration dampened brackets, so your sound stays clear and reliable.

  • 4” subwoofer
  • 2.1 channel, class-D, plate amplifier
  • MDF ported enclosure (8.3 x 5.3 x 6.3”)
  • Vibration dampened brackets

This product uses MISCO Amplifier 93105

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More Information
Brand Name Turnkey Systems
Speaker System Type Subwoofer
Enclosed Woofer Style Ported
Subwoofer Type Powered [active]
RoHS Compliant Yes
Digital Signal Processing No
Audio Signal Input Analog
Audio System Description 8.3" x 5.3" x 6.3" MDF sub with plate amp and port
Audio System - Number of Channels 2.1 (Stereo Sub)
System Frequency Response 81 - 12kHz
Sub-Woofer Description 4" subwoofer
Sub-Woofer Impedance 4
Enclosure Style Ported
Sub-Woofer Frequency Range 81 - 12kHz
Size, Enclosure H,W,L (inches & mm) 8.3 x 5.3 x 6.3" (211 x 135 x 160 mm)
Sub-Woofer Key Features Ferrite magnet, paper cone, polyether surround
Amplifier Style Plate
Amplifier Description 2.1 channel plate amplifier with volume control
Amplifier Class Type Class D
Amplifier Channel Count 2.1 Stereo with Subwoofer
Audio Input Analog
Digital Input S/PDIF No
8 Ω both HF channels driven (Watts RMS) 8.5
Total Low Frequency (Sub-woofer) Output Power per channel into 4 Ω. (Watts) 15.2
Recommended Voltage (VDC) 15
Recommended Power (W) 60
Connectors / Termination - Speaker Output HF: 2x RCA sub: 2x quick connects